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We are at the service of lawyers and members of the professional business community with our staff, mostly academics and mediation trainers.


Online services within the scope of the “Mediation in Legal Disputes” Law and in all legal disputes that are suitable for mediation.


Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution in national and international legal disputes. Expert staff and professional support services are provided.


Thomas Paine Quote: “Peace, which costs nothing, is attended with infinitely more advantage than any victory with all its expence.

Mediation Training

  • Conflict Theory
  • What is Mediation?
  • Basic Principles of the Mediation Process
  • Who is the Mediator?
  • Stages of Mediation
    • Preparation Phase
    • Beginning Stage
    • Research Stage
    • Discussion Aşaması
    • Conclusion – Agreement Stage
  • Ender Equality, Diversity and Mediation
  • Mediation Legislation
  • Ethics in Mediation
  • Application Training

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Our Educated Packages Are Offered.

  • Workplace Mediation